Our nursery is located in Vossem, a borough of Tervuren. Vossem is centrally located in Brabant and is easily accessible from Brussels, Leuven or Overijse.
Robeet tree nurseries is a family business from father to sons, who have been in charge since 1996.
Our company focuses on private individuals as well as garden contractors and architects.

We therefore have a wide range of plants from the smallest perennial to trees and conifers up to 10 m high.

Our nursery is conceived as a landscaped garden with more than 3000 meters of paved walking paths. You can also walk around for a long time between our trees, ornamental shrubs, conifers, roses, hedge plants and fruit trees. If you prefer plants from pots, we can offer you a nice assortment of perennials, ornamental shrubs and heavy solitary plants.

Italian plants such as camellias, palm trees, evergreen oaks and many others can also be admired by us.

All our plants are of excellent quality and regularly transplanted, they each have a label with information such as price, height, flowering time and location.

We are also available with our team for good advice and plant advice. If desired, the plants can be delivered and / or planted.